1. Advanced Visual Effects

2. Windows XP/2000 SP

3. Disabling of XP Indexing

4. Files and Folders Cleaning

5. XP System Services

6. XP Startup Tweaking

7. XP Registry Cleaning

8. XP Disk Defragmentation

9. Internet Network Tweaks

10. Tweak Guide Post Scriptum


1. Advanced Visual Effects

2. Microsoft Vista Service Packs

3. Disabling of Vista Indexing

4. Advanced Disks Performance

5. Enable Vista ReadyBoost

6. Files and Folders Cleaning

7. Vista System Services

8. Vista Startup Tweaking

9. Vista Registry Cleaning

10. Vista Disk Defragmentation

11. Internet Network Tweaks

12. Tweak Guide Post Scriptum


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1. MS Windows XP Advanced Visual Effects:

Windows XP gives you a possibility to increase PC performance by removing some visual effects. After having removed visual effects you`ll get additional free space of RAM memory, increasing the speed of Windows XP loading, some increasing of the executing speed of the processes but you will lose XP visual effects. That is your decision. To change the configuration of visual effects you must open Performance Options page. For that:

Press Windows + Pause/Break buttons of your keyboard. Click on Advanced System Settings tab.

Advanced Visual Effects

Press Settings button of Advanced tab of Performance section.

Advanced Visual Effects

Select a suitable configuration for you: for the best appearance or for the best performance and press Apply button.





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